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Company Country & Region Website
Valetime Group UNITED KINGDOM www.valetimegroup.com
Valsynthese SA Switzerland www.valsynthese.ch
VanDeMark Chemical Inc. USA www.vdmchemical.com
Vankim Ltd. Americas www.vankim.com
Varahi International USA www.varahiinternational.com
VARDA Biotech Pvt. Ltd. India www.vardabiotech.com
Varian, Inc. USA www.varianinc.com
Varsal Chemical (Tangshan) Co., Ltd CHINA www.varsalchemical.com
Varsal, Inc. USA www.varsal.com
Vasa Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd. USA www.vasapharmachem.com
VA-SUDHA Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. CANADA www.vasudhachem.com
VDM BIOCHEMICALS,Inc. USA www.vdmbio.com
Veco Pigment Co., Ltd. China www.vecopigment.com
Vector Laboratories, Inc. USA www.vectorlabs.com
Vektor Ltd. Russia www.vektor-nn.com
Ven Petrochem & Pharma (India) Pvt.Ltd USA www.venpetro.com
Venkateshwara Life Sciences India www.venkateshwaralifesciences.com
Venturepharm Laboratories Limited CHINA www.venturepharm.net
Vertellus Specialties UK Ltd. (formerly Seal Sands Chemicals Ltd.) UNITED KINGDOM www.vertellus.com
Vesino Industrial Co., Ltd. China www.vesinoindustrial.com
Veterinary Pharmaceutical Factory of Guangxi M.R.I CHINA www.kinghorsechem.com
VeZerf Laborsynthesen GmbH Germany www.vezerf.de
Vibgyor Chemtex Pvt Ltd USA www.vibgyorchemtex.com
Victovo Limited China www.victovo.com
Vigon International, Inc. USA www.vigoninternational.com
Vihita Chem CANADA www.vihita.com
Vijaya Pharmaceuticals, LLC USA www.vijayapharma.com
Vikas International USA www.vikasintl.com
Vinati Organics Limited India www.vinatiorganics.com
Vinayak Corporation USA www.vinayakcorporation.com
Vince Pharmatech Co., Ltd. China www.vincepharm.com
Vinci-Biochem ITALY www.vincibiochem.it
ViroGen Corporation USA www.virogen.com
VIshnu Chemicals Limited India www.vishnuchemicals.com
Vision BioSystems USA www.vision-bio.com
Vision Fluorochem Ltd. USA www.visionfluorochem.com
Vital Biotech Holding Limited CHINA www.vitalbiotech.com
Vital-Chem Zhuhai Co., Ltd. China www.vital-chem.com
Vitas-M Russia www.vitasmlab.com
Vitasweet Co., Ltd. China www.vitasweet.com.cn
Viva Corporation INDIA www.sodiumstearate.com
VIVAN Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. India www.vivanls.com
VMB Chem Bio Sys Pvt Ltd. India www.vmbchembiosys.com
Volant Technology Co., Ltd. China www.volantgroup.com
Volant-Chem Corp CHINA www.volantchem.com
Voltaix USA www.voltaix.com
VWR International, LLC USA www.vwr.com