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Company Country & Region Website
Oaim Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. China www.oaimchem.com
Oakwood Products, Inc. USA www.oakwoodchemical.com
Obiter Research, LLC USA www.obires.com
Oceanchem Group-Globalsources Asia Limited China www.oceanchem-group.com
Ochem Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.ochem.biz
OChem Incorporation USA www.ocheminc.com
Oegussa Oesterreichische Gold- und Silberscheide-Anstalt Ges.m.b.H. Austria www.oegussa.at
OEM Concepts USA www.oemconcepts.com
Okeanos Tech Co., Ltd. China www.okeanos.com.cn
Okeanos Tech. Jiangsu Co., Ltd. China www.okeanospharm.com
O'Laughlin Industries Co., Ltd. Hong Kong, China www.olaughlinco.com
Old Bridge Chemicals, Inc. USA www.oldbridgechem.com
Olinax Inc. Canada www.olinax.com
OmegaChem Inc. Canada www.omegachem.com
OMG's Electronic Chemicals unit USA www.omgi.com
Omicron Biochemicals, Inc. USA www.omicronbio.com
Omkar Specialty Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. India www.omkarchemicals.com
Omkrown Pharmachem Pvt., Ltd. India www.omkrown.com
On Haidenuo Chemical Co. CHINA www.denuochem.com
Onbio Inc. USA www.onbio.net
Onichem Specialities Co., Ltd. China www.onichem.com
Onlychem (Jinan) Biotech Co., Ltd. China www.onlychemcn.com
Onstage counties Chemical Co. CHINA www.zhrhg.com
Onsyn-Chemical (Shanghai) Inc. China www.onsyn-chemical.com
Onward International Trade Co., Ltd Europe www.onward.net.cn
Onyx Scientific Ltd. www.onyx-scientific.com
Optima Chemical Group USA www.optimachem.com
Optima Specialty Chemical, LLC USA www.optimaspecialty.com
Oracle Biotech India Pvt Ltd India www.oraclebiotech.com
Orchem Industries Pvt. Ltd USA www.orchemindia.com
Orchid Cellmark (formerly Helix Biotech) Canada www.orchidcellmark.ca
Orex Pharwww.orgamol.comma Pvt., Ltd USA www.orexpharma.com
Organic Chemical Products Company JAPAN www.daicel.co.jp
Organic Herb Inc. China www.organic-herb.com
Organica Feinchemie GmbH Germany www.organica.de
Organix Inc. USA www.organixinc.com
Organo Fine Chemicals India www.organo.in
Organophillic Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India www.organophillic.com
Orgentis Chemicals GmbH Germany www.orgentis.com
OrgSynChem (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. China www.orgsynchem.com
OriBase Pharma France www.oribase-pharma.com
Orichem International Co., Ltd. China www.orichem.com
Oriental Antimonial Chemical Industry Ltd. CHINA www.csyexing.com
Oriental Union Chemical Corporation Taiwan, China www.oucc.com.tw
Originchem Co., Ltd. China www.originchem.com
Orion Chem Pvt. Ltd. USA www.orionchem.com
Orpegen Pharma Europe www.orpegen.com
OS Chemical Co., Ltd. China www.oschemical.com
Ossila Limited www.ossila.com
Otava Ltd. Ukraine www.otavachemicals.com
Otsuka Chemical Co., Ltd. Shanghai office CHINA www.otsukac.com.cn
OuchiShinko Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd JAPAN www.jp-noc.co.jp
OXARC Inc. USA www.oxarc.com
Oxford Chemicals UNITED KINGDOM www.oxfordchemicals.com
OXIS International Inc USA www.oxisresearch.com
Oxkem Ltd UNITED KINGDOM www.oxkem.com
Oxxides, Inc. USA www.oxxides.com
Oy Arbonova Ab FINLAND www.arbonova.com
OYC International, Inc. USA www.oycus.com
Ozark Fluorine Specialties, Inc. USA www.ozarkfluorine.com